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Composite Conveyor Rollers (CCR) - QCS Private Label Galvanized Frames

At QCS, LLC. We Sell Galvanized Frames due to their superiority in corrosion resistance and cost. Because we have partnered with Composite Conveyor Rollers (CCR), we can sell our own QCS Private Label Galvanized Frames for less than most standard troughing and Idler frames cost. We pass the savings & protection on to our Customers.

Composite Conveyor Rollers (CCR) - QCS Private Label Composite Rollers

Why Our Composite Rollers? Light weight- minimum 50% lighter than troughing steel rolls and minimum 60% lighter than return rollers. Resistant - Glass filled HDPE has superb abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and is 3 times stiffer than standard nylon tube and a minimum 10 times stiffer than standard PE100 tube with no reinforcing. Quiet - 10db Sound Reduction over Steel Rollers Efficient - Reduction in startup & operating costs, Added benefit if a composite roller ever gets stuck due to excessive material, it wont friction wear your bottom belt cover like steel. We also carry our QCS Private Label (CCR) MSHA Approved Rollers. US MSHA Approval # (MSHA IC-335/01)

Flexco PTEZ HD Belt Trainer

The PTEZ™ HD Belt Trainer is another high-performance tracking idler capable of handling wider belts and tougher conditions. Designed with Flexco “pivot and tilt” technology, the new PTEZ HD Belt Trainer can be used in any application that requires tracking to prevent damage to the belt or conveyor structure, including single-direction and reversing belts.

Pivot and tilt feature ensure that the belt stays away from the structure and the material stays on the belt without the use of sensor or edge rollers. The tapered ends on the roller drive the pivot and tilt mechanism, allowing the two forces to quickly move the belt back to center.

The PTEZ HD Belt Trainer can be used on vulcanized or mechanically fastened belts on almost any heavy-duty application up to 2400 PIW maximum tension.

Available for belt widths 42” to 84”, and can be mounted as a standard “pull-up” mounting by swapping it out with an existing return idler, or it can be mounted on the clean side of the belt.

The PTEZ HD Belt Trainer also features a polyurethane roller cover, which ensures lasting performance in even the toughest conditions.


MAPTSOFT a simple, rugged, handheld device with powerful, yet easy-to-use software is connected via Bluetooth to an RFID

reader that scans tags attached to the assets you need to monitor and manage.

You’ll know:

– the exact date and time when your assets were last inspected

– which assets passed inspection and which didn’t.

– which assets were scheduled for maintenance.

– what maintenance was completed on your assets.

– which assets were replaced.

– you could save money by claiming against valid warranties.


  • Every asset you need to monitor is physically fitted with a durable RFID tag.
  • The handheld device connects to an RFID reader that is used to scan each tag.
  • Instantly, the device identifies the unique asset for inspection. Using a simple drop-down menu and tick-boxes with the stylus-pen, you capture the inspection according to the asset type. The software prompts you to input the relevant info for the asset. Enter as much as is required for reporting!
  • Within minutes after your inspection you can share that info with colleagues who can access it from anywhere in the world for analysis

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